Mexican-style roasted veg ragu

Mexican style ragu

This Mexican-style roasted veg ragu from Jamie Oliver is delicious. It’s a try-bake, so once you’ve done all your chopping and prep work and got it started in the over, it pretty much looks after itself, with an occasional stir to help it on its way.

As the husband is a MASSIVE fan of Mexican cuisine, and absolutely loves black beans and roasted veg, making this ragu seemed like a no brainer and I have to say, Jamie’s black beans are some of the tastiest I’ve ever eaten.

The dish takes about an hour to cook, but that’s mainly down to the roasting of the veg, followed by further roasting after the beans are added. But, if you’ve got the time, it’s definitely worth the time and effort as you end up with a deliciously, sticky and rich ragu.

I’d say it’s more flavoursome than spicy – until you add what Jamie describes as a zippy dressing made from mint leaves, lime, spring onions and chipotle tabasco. I used chipotle paste as I didn’t have the required tabasco and it certainly did spice up the dish.

Jamie suggest serving alongside some brown rice, but I decided to serve alongside charred corn tortillas topped with the spicy salsa. The recipe serves 6, so we had plenty left over to pop in the freezer for another day. For round two of the dish I topped the ragu with a fried egg and more salsa, and it worked rather well.

The verdict from the cook: ‘Lip-smackingly delicious’ said in the style of Jamie Oliver.


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