Courgetti with minted avocado sauce

Courgetti with minted avocado sauce

I’m a little late to the Deliciously Ella party. I’ve tried to like her recipes but I found it tricky to find something that I really wanted to make. So, when I came across this rather tasty recipe for courgetti noodles with mushrooms and a mint and avocado sauce I decided to give it a go.

Not only is it delicious, it’s a doddle to make and as I was attempting to cut down on my pasta consumption, it provided a healthy and lighter alternative. It’s also, super creamy but completely dairy-free and calls for minimal cooking making it the perfect choice for a quick and easy mid-week supper!

The dish uses spiralized courgette, but as I’ve previously mentioned my spiralizer doesn’t exactly create wonderful spirals of crunchy fruit and veg, instead it chews up anything that happens to cross its’ path. To be honest I don’t even know where I’ve put the near useless spiralizer so opted for my speed peeler. Although my cougetti bore no resemblance to noodles, the thin slithers of sliced courgette worked perfectly well for this recipe.

Once you’ve made the sauce by blending up the avocado, brasil nuts, mint and lime, it’s simply a case of frying mushrooms, adding the courgetti, stirring in the sauce and eating.

Ella suggest you can eat the whole thing raw, but I decided to heat it through, and I’m glad I did. The result was a deliciously creamy rich pasta dish – without the pasta or cream. And while I thought two courgettes would be no where near enough to fill the hungry bellies of myself and the husband, it did.

The verdict from the husband: ‘I can’t believe there’s no cream in this. It’s delicious.’

The verdict from the cook: ‘We’ll definitely be having this again. It’s quick, easy and, ahem, deliciously ‘Ella’.’


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