Sweet and sticky tomato and onion bake

 Sweet and sticky tomato and onion bake

The husband was a bit dubious when I told him were having roasted onions, tomatoes and new potatoes for dinner. I think he thought I was putting him on a weird weight-loss plan – something I’m prone to, from time to time – however, he couldn’t have been more wrong if he tried. Continue reading


Making pizza with the toddler

Pizza making

I’m still on a mission to get the fussy toddler to eat a something other than pasta and meatballs. While there’s nothing wrong with pasta and meatballs, what would I feed him if he decides he doesn’t like them anymore?

So, following a successful visit to Wahaca, where he readily tucked into chicken, lettuce as part of his ‘make your own tacos’ meal, I decided to get him more involved in food. Having witnessed, with amazement at him tucking into a slice of pizza at a fellow toddler’s birthday party, it appeared that pizza was the way to go. Continue reading

Tuna and beans

Tuna and beans

I stepped away from the pans and let the husband loose in the kitchen, and after this little effort, I think I might do it a bit more often.

The fish-eating vegetarian husband hates tinned tuna. He thinks it looks and smells like a tin of cat food. But, he’s a huge fan of the fresh stuff, and loves the occassional tuna steak, and so do I. Continue reading

Vegetable paella

Anna Jones paella

It’s happened, I’ve found an Anna Jones recipe that I’m not all that keen on – her Artichoke and Fennel Seed Paella. I’ve got a feeling it was something to do with not having a couple of essential ingredients to hand and being too lazy to pop to the shop, but I have to admit, even if I had cooked the recipe as it was supposed to be cooked, I still don’t I’d like Anna’s veggie paella as much as Yotam Ottelnghi’s one. But, you should make your own mind up. Continue reading