Dining out at: Kopapa

Avocado and goat's cheese on sour dough bread

I recently brunched at Kopapa. It’s a fab restaurant in London. I’d been there before, when it first opened. A Kiwi friend introduced it to me as it’s run by New Zealand top chef Peter Gordon. I remember enjoying what I ate on my first visit, and welcomed a return with another friend (not a New Zealander, but she did live there for a year or so). I wasn’t disappointed.

Nestled in between Covent Garden and Leicester Square it appears to be the place to brunch at the weekends when you’re ‘up town’ and casting an eye over the menu my head was in a spin. What should I order? I’d quite happily sit there all day and plough my way through one of every item on the brunch menu. Breakfast is my favourite meal and the possibilities are endless at Kopapa.

Choices range from Turkish eggs (which I  very nearly ordered) to Kopapa’s twist on a full English (or Kiwi if you prefer). I  plumped for a deliciously heady mix of Chorizo hash, 2 fried eggs, sriracha chilli sauce, crispy shallots, rocket, and didn’t regret it. The sriracha chilli sauce cleared a hay fever induced blocked nose while the whole dish put a food induced smile on my face.

Fried eggs with chorizo hash

My brunching partner in crime chose the avocado toast, chilli, goats’ cheese, mint & lemon oil. We both thought that it was crying out for a poached egg to top it off, and the chef happily obliged.

The verdict from the cook: ‘I’m wondering who I can invite to have brunch with me here so I can come again – soon.’


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