South Indian coconut kedgeree


Jamie Oliver claims that kedgeree is not just for breakfast in the January edition of his Jamie magazine, it can also make a deliciously filling lunch box filler. So, I decided to give his South Indian kedgeree dish a go. It didn’t look too complicated and with time to spare it seemed the perfect way to while away the time. And, as I love smoked mackerel fillets (particularly the ones coated in cracked pepper) and the husband does not, it was a great excuse to indulge myself. Some people indulge in chocolate, I indulge myself by secretly scoffing mackerel fillets!!!! Continue reading

Rainbow pad Thai


A while ago I came across a wonderful site called A Pinch of Yum. It’s packed full of wonderful recipes for vegetarians and carnivores. The pictures are amazing, the ingredients are never anything too out of the ordinary and I’m yet to come across a recipe that doesn’t live up to expectations. Continue reading