Sweet potato hash and smokey beans

Sweet potato hash and spicy beans

The husband and I are a but partial to a cooked veggie breakfast. In fact we’d eat a cooked breakfast for breakfast, lunch and dinner, given the chance. So, when I came across this recipe for sweet potato hash and spicy beans I couldn’t resist.

It’s from Anna Jones’ A Modern Way to Cook. She describes this as a ‘good, quick supper’ and that’s exactly what it is. The hash is a simple mix of sweet potato and cumin, bound together with an egg.  While the beans are smokey with paprika and much better than anything that comes out of a can (in my opinion although the husband likes a particular popular brand of baked beans more!).

It’s super easy to put together and packs a punch in the taste department. Personally I’d eat it for breakfast, dinner and tea any day of the week.

We topped ours with a deliciously runny fried egg. I prefer poached eggs but this dinner definitely called for a fried one. A close friend didn’t have any eggs so decided to meat up this super quick supper with the addition of a couple of rashers of bacon – and why not???

The verdict from the husband: ‘Is there any more?’ I think he liked it….

The verdict from the cook: ‘That was bloomin’ lovely…’ I did too…


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