Courgetti with minted avocado sauce

Courgetti with minted avocado sauce

I’m a little late to the Deliciously Ella party. I’ve tried to like her recipes but I found it tricky to find something that I really wanted to make. So, when I came across this rather tasty recipe for courgetti noodles with mushrooms and a mint and avocado sauce I decided to give it a go. Continue reading


Summer veg stir-fry

Summer veg stir fry

With the warmer weather making an appearance last week, I decided that I needed to add a couple of more seasonal recipes to my reportoire. So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to High Fearnley-Whittingstall’s summer veg stir-fry from his Veg Every Day book. It’s quick, simple – and with a hit of mint – refreshingly tasty too. Hugh suggests using a mixture of mangetout, peas and courgette, but I decided to free-style a little bit and used brocolli, sugar snaps, asparagus, peas, spinach and courgette, and it worked rather well – even if I do say so myself! Continue reading

Vegetarian spaghetti Bolognese

Vegetarian Bolognese

I always used to say that when I had a child, he or she, would eat the same as the husband and I. Fast-forward two-and-a-bit years and having tired of throwing away food that has barely been looked at let alone tasted, I spend my evenings making not one, but two meals. One for us and one for the toddler. Except, that is, when it comes to a good old spaghetti Bolognese. Continue reading

Crispy salmon

Crispy salmon Summer’s on its way, so it feels only fitting to turn to one of my favourite warm-weather suppers to finish the day off, Jamie Oliver’s Crispy Salmon from his 30 minute meals book. Why do I love this recipe? For a start it’s super quick to make and has been a crowd pleaser every time I’ve cooked it. Then there’s the wonderful smell of the fresh herbs and citrus tones that fill the air as you’re knocking together the jazzed-up rice, courgette salad and guacamole. And finally, it’s packed full of chilli, which I’m a bit partial too. What’s not to like, unless you’re not a fan of fish, of course. Continue reading

Spiced couscous with halloumi and courgette ribbons

Halloumi and couscous

Sometimes flicking through the older cookbooks turns up an unexpectedly tasty meal, like this spice couscous with halloumi and courgette ribbons from the Complete Vegetarian. It’s a Moroccan inspired dish that doesn’t take too long to put together but tastes amazing. For those reasons, it regularly makes an appearance at our table. And, while some people may not like the salty tasting cheese, I love halloumi and so does the husband. Continue reading