Anna Jones’ modern moussaka

Anna Jones mousakka

This delicious modern moussaka (loving known as moose-ka-ka in our house) was one of the first recipes I cooked from Anna Jones’ a modern way to cookI’m quite partial to moussaka as it’s packed with some of my all time favourite ingredients: tomatoes, aubergines and potatoes.

I’ve made a vegetarian moussaka before and from memory it seemed to take a billion years to cook. This recipe promised to be ready a lot quicker so suited me down to the ground.

There’s quite a bit of prep involved – roasting tomatoes and onions, boiling potatoes, griddling aubergines and whipping up the coconut oil and almond milk bechamel –  but it’s definitely worth the faffing.

The finished dish was a tastier, richer and much lighter moussaka than previously experienced, and despite the many processes, it doesn’t take more than 40 minutes from start to finish. And it’s vegan, so I might have to try it on my soon to be brother-in-law!

The verdict from the husband: ‘Not bad.’ He scoffed the lot, so it appeared to be a hit.


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