Fudgy coconut brownies

Fudgy coconut brownies

In a bid to clear the cupboards of ingredients that I bought but used I stumbled across a lonely bag of dessicated coconut. From memory, it was supposed to be for some sort of curry recipe, but never made it into the pan. Searching the internet for an alternative plan for the coconut I came across this rather delicious looking recipe for fudgy coconut brownies. Continue reading


Cannellini bean cake

Cannellini bean cake

When I suggested to my gluten and dairy-free friend that I was planning on making her and her gluten and dairy-free son a cake made out of cannellini beans, she gave me a bit of a strange glance and changed the conversation. But it didn’t put me off giving it a go. Continue reading

Blueberry and yoghurt cake

Yoghurt and blueberry cake

The first time I discovered yoghurt cake was in a chalet, half way up a mountain in France on a skiing holiday. It’s something to do with the yoghurt acting as a stabliser when cooking at altitude. But enough of that, I happened across this particular recipe for bluberry and yoghurt – cake courtesy of katielovescooking.com – by chance (it’s Katie’s take on a recipe by Ruby Tandoh (her off The Great British Bake Off), and thought I’d give it a go. Continue reading

Chocolate Easter cakes

Easter nest cakes

This week it was all about Easter, so, we made some chocolate cornflake nests. There was a lot of chocolate consumed, a lot of mess, and a lot of chocolate induced craziness. But, I love ‘cooking’ with my little man, and he seems to like being in the kitchen too – if only to eat chocolate!

We used this Easter egg cake recipe from BBC Food, but it’s pretty much the same as any chocolate crispy cake recipe you’ll find on the internet. Continue reading

Vegetarian mango and cranberry jelly

Jelly and ice cream

The toddler’s been badgering me to make him some jelly for weeks, and seeing as this is a blog about me making things, I thought it would be a bit of a cheat to buy a packet mix, so decided to make it from scratch – kind of.

The husband’s a fish-eating vegetarian, otherwise known as a pescatarian, so proper gelatine was out of the question. Instead I bought myself some of Dr Oetker’s vege-gel. Continue reading

Birthday cake

Birthday cake

It was the husband’s birthday today. So, instead of cooking up a storm in the kitchen we all headed to Pizza Express for a family tea.

However, that doesn’t mean the toddler and I weren’t busy a la cuisine. I don’t profess to be a master baker by any stretch of the imagination. I’m a bit too impatient. I can’t be doing with having to wait for things to cool down before I either eat them or decorate them – generally. But, by 8.30 this morning we’d baked a sponge! Continue reading