Soba noodles with green soya beans

Soba noodles I have a confession to make. I misread this recipe and thought that it was a hot noodle dish. It isn’t. It’s a cold noodle salad. I don’t like cold noodles. I made it hot… There’s something else too. They didn’t have any soya/edamame beans in Sainsbury’s, and, after a busy week at work I wasn’t in the mood for hunting them down, so improvised. Basically, what I’m trying to say is, what should have been soba noodles with green soya beans from the Low-GI Vegetarian Coookbook, emerged from my kitchen as something slightly different. Continue reading


Pan-fried curried cod

Pan-fried curried cod

Having taken a couple of pieces of cod out of the freezer to make a fish pie, the toddler declared that he no longer liked fish and thought the idea of fish pie was ‘yuck’. So, to avoid wasting yet another plateful of food I gave in and cooked him a bowl of pasta and meatballs.

While the toddler lapped up his meal, it did leave a couple of portions of cod begging to be loved. Searching through the cook books, a recipe for pan-fried curried cod from Jamie’s Ministry of Food caught my attention.

Quick and easy to prepare and cook it was the ideal dish to throw together after a busy day. Simple roll your cod fillets in mild curry powder – I used Madras – and then pan-fry the fish in a knob of butter until cooked. Job done!

Jamie suggests serving with fluffy rice and a spoonful of yoghurt, but after discovering a bunch of coriander in the fridge I decide to jazz up the rice. I chopped the coriander and mixed it, and the zest of a lime through the cooked basmati rice. While green rice is traditionally served with Mexican food, I think it rather suited the curried cod too.

Verdict from the husband: ‘Mmmm, that was much nicer than yucky fish pie!’ Hilarious…