Mexican-style roasted veg ragu

Mexican style ragu

This Mexican-style roasted veg ragu from Jamie Oliver is delicious. It’s a try-bake, so once you’ve done all your chopping and prep work and got it started in the over, it pretty much looks after itself, with an occasional stir to help it on its way. Continue reading

Nicely spicy veggie crisps

Root vegetable crisps

In an attempt to get the vegetable dodging toddler to eat a wider variety of veg, the husband suggested I give Ella’s Kitchen’s root vegetable crisps a try.

They’re from Ella’s Kitchen – The Cook Book – The Red One, and in the usual Ella’s Kitchen style they’re called nicely spicy veggie crisps. You peel and thinly slice 2 parsnips, a sweet potato and a beetroot. The book suggests using a mandoline or a peeler to get the veg slices super thin. However, in the absence of a mandoline I tried using a peeler and ended up in a right old mess, so using my sharpest knife I sliced the veg into suitable slithers. Continue reading