Dining out at: Kopapa

Avocado and goat's cheese on sour dough bread

I recently brunched at Kopapa. It’s a fab restaurant in London. I’d been there before, when it first opened. A Kiwi friend introduced it to me as it’s run by New Zealand top chef Peter Gordon. I remember enjoying what I ate on my first visit, and welcomed a return with another friend (not a New Zealander, but she did live there for a year or so). I wasn’t disappointed. Continue reading


Wahaca with the toddler

Build your own tacos

The toddler is still continuing to be über picky about food. I can deal with it at home. I’ve taken to stocking the freezer with toddler-sized portions of his favourite food. It’s going out for a meal that has become an issue. We don’t do it that often, but every now and again, the husband and I want a break from the kitchen. Continue reading