Sweet potato hash and smokey beans

Sweet potato hash and spicy beans

The husband and I are a but partial to a cooked veggie breakfast. In fact we’d eat a cooked breakfast for breakfast, lunch and dinner, given the chance. So, when I came across this recipe for sweet potato hash and spicy beans I couldn’t resist. Continue reading

Fragrant herb and star anise pho

Anna Jones Pho

I’ve already got a go-to Vegetarian Pho recipe I’ve tried and tested, and both the husband and I rather like. But being a sucker for any Anna Jones recipe (I know, Anna Jones again) I thought I should give her Fragrant herb and star anaise pho recipe a go. I love 99.9% of her recipes and if there was such a thing as desert island recipe book I would definitely take one of hers with me. But I digress. Continue reading