Kale chips

Kale chips

I hate wasting food, so, with leftover kale in the fridge, following my attempt at lemony lentil and crispy kale soup earlier in the week, I thought I’d try my arm at kale chips.

Still pouring over Anna Jone’s book, I decided to follow her recipe for oven-baked kale chips – despite already knowing that you lightly coat the kale in oil, put it on a lined baking sheet and pop it in the oven at a reasonably low heat for 20 minutes or so.

Having prepped the kale, everything was looking good. However I was distracted by the toddler playing firemen and attempting to put out a fire in the living room and I some how mis-read the recipe.

For some reason I thought the choice of tarragon and mustard or sesame miso dressing was for drizzling over the chips once they came out of the oven. It wasn’t. The kale should have been tossed in said dressing before being popped in the oven.

As a result I ended up with a jar of sorry-looking, dried out kale that was about as far removed from the appetising picture in the book as possible.

Kale chips

Verdict from the husband and the toddler: A resounding ‘Nah!’

Verdict from the cook: ‘I’m not giving up on kale chips, I’ll have another go when a tiny fireman isn’t under my feet.’


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