Hummus in a hurry


With the cupboards virtually bare, and a can of chickpeas winking at me every time I opened the virtually bare cupboard, there was only one thing for it – whip up some tasty hummus. Continue reading


Mushroom and chestnut wellington


While Christmas is well and truly over for another year, I’m still dreaming of my first full-on vegetarian yule-tide dinner. The husband may be a fish bothering vegetarian, I am not, and having banned guests from our dinner table this year, in favour of a quiet Christmas at home with just the three of us, it seemed pointless splashing out on a turkey when the boy would no doubt refuse to eat it, and I would become sick of the sight of it within a day or two. So, the decision was made for the husband and I to go veggie and to indulge the boy in a few slice of chicken. Continue reading

Any night of the week pizza

Cauliflower pizza

My gluten-free mum came over for lunch today. Having tired of whipping up soup or investing in a ‘free-from’ loaf of bread that languishes in the bottom of my freezer until the next time the gluten-free mum comes to visit again, I decided to pull out all the stops and give cauliflower pizza a go.

With this being ‘Anna Jones month’, her any night of the week pizza was my recipe of choice. I’m pretty slow to the cauliflower pizza party (mainly due to the husband not being a huge fan of the choux-fleur), but with gluten being off the menu today and the any night of the week pizza winking at me every time I flicked through Anna’s a modern way to cook book, I thought ‘what the heck’ and whizzed up a head of cauliflower to make the base. Continue reading

Roast beets

Roasted beetroot

Finding some forgotten beetroot at the back of the fridge I decided to give roast beet a go. I usually like my beetroot doused in a load of vinegar, but today was a day of experimenting. I washed the beetroot, popped it in a roasting tin with a few cloves of garlic and sprigs of thyme from the garden, drizzled it in olive oil and popped it into the oven at gas mark 5 for about 50 minutes, and this was the result.

Verdict from the cook: ‘Not bad, but where have I put that balsamic vinegar?’