Sweet and sticky tomato and onion bake

 Sweet and sticky tomato and onion bake

The husband was a bit dubious when I told him were having roasted onions, tomatoes and new potatoes for dinner. I think he thought I was putting him on a weird weight-loss plan – something I’m prone to, from time to time – however, he couldn’t have been more wrong if he tried. Continue reading

Making pizza with the toddler

Pizza making

I’m still on a mission to get the fussy toddler to eat a something other than pasta and meatballs. While there’s nothing wrong with pasta and meatballs, what would I feed him if he decides he doesn’t like them anymore?

So, following a successful visit to Wahaca, where he readily tucked into chicken, lettuce as part of his ‘make your own tacos’ meal, I decided to get him more involved in food. Having witnessed, with amazement at him tucking into a slice of pizza at a fellow toddler’s birthday party, it appeared that pizza was the way to go. Continue reading