Making pizza with the toddler

Pizza making

I’m still on a mission to get the fussy toddler to eat a something other than pasta and meatballs. While there’s nothing wrong with pasta and meatballs, what would I feed him if he decides he doesn’t like them anymore?

So, following a successful visit to Wahaca, where he readily tucked into chicken, lettuce as part of his ‘make your own tacos’ meal, I decided to get him more involved in food. Having witnessed, with amazement at him tucking into a slice of pizza at a fellow toddler’s birthday party, it appeared that pizza was the way to go. Continue reading

Getting the toddler to eat carrots

Toddler with carrot

It’s no mean feat getting your once vegetable munching toddler back onto the good stuff once they’ve deemed every veg under the sun as ‘yucky’ – even peas. I thought every child LOVED peas. Apparently not!

I’m all for ‘hiding’ veg in pasta sauces – I do it all the time – but I wanted to get the defiant vegetable eater tucking into his five a day in their original form. After a surprisingly unbroken night’s sleep – not only will he not eat his veg, the toddler also likes to wander into our bedroom at some ungodly hour and watch me sleep, until I wake up with a start and put him back to bed – I hit on a plan. Continue reading