Mushroom and chestnut wellington


While Christmas is well and truly over for another year, I’m still dreaming of my first full-on vegetarian yule-tide dinner. The husband may be a fish bothering vegetarian, I am not, and having banned guests from our dinner table this year, in favour of a quiet Christmas at home with just the three of us, it seemed pointless splashing out on a turkey when the boy would no doubt refuse to eat it, and I would become sick of the sight of it within a day or two. So, the decision was made for the husband and I to go veggie and to indulge the boy in a few slice of chicken. Continue reading

30 minute vegetarian pho

vegetarian pho

I happened across this 30 minute vegetarian pho recipe from during one of my endless trawls through the internet for new recipe ideas. I’ve never had a pho before, firstly, because I’ve never been to Vietnam or a Vietnamese restaurant, and secondly, because by all accounts it takes hours and hours to make the meaty stock needed for an authentic one. Continue reading