Quinoa risotto with mashed peas and greens

Quinoa risotto with mashed peas and greens

A risotto made with quinoa instead of rice may sound a little bit peculiar, but Anna Jones has pulled another great recipe out of the bag – her never ending bag of great recipes, with her quinoa risotto with mashed peas and greens. Continue reading


Dining out at: Kopapa

Avocado and goat's cheese on sour dough bread

I recently brunched at Kopapa. It’s a fab restaurant in London. I’d been there before, when it first opened. A Kiwi friend introduced it to me as it’s run by New Zealand top chef Peter Gordon. I remember enjoying what I ate on my first visit, and welcomed a return with another friend (not a New Zealander, but she did live there for a year or so). I wasn’t disappointed. Continue reading

Quorn lasagne

Quorn lasagne

It’s very rare that I only have to cook one meal for all three of us to sit down and eat at the same time. So, when the boy revealed that he liked lasagne, and knowing that he’s already a fan of my Quorn and hidden veg Bolognese sauce there was only ever one thing to make – Quorn lasagne. Ideally I’d be making a delicious lentil sauce, but that would be one step too far for the little man, so I chose this meat-free lasagne recipe from Quorn. Continue reading

Fragrant herb and star anise pho

Anna Jones Pho

I’ve already got a go-to Vegetarian Pho recipe I’ve tried and tested, and both the husband and I rather like. But being a sucker for any Anna Jones recipe (I know, Anna Jones again) I thought I should give her Fragrant herb and star anaise pho recipe a go. I love 99.9% of her recipes and if there was such a thing as desert island recipe book I would definitely take one of hers with me. But I digress. Continue reading

Black bean and sweet potato

Black bean and sweet potato

Having a jacket potato for your supper, may not sound like the most tasty thing in the world, but with a little bit of inspiration from the very clever Anna Jones, a humble sweet potato was turned into something very special indeed.

What I love about Anna’s recipes is that she makes cooking reasonably accessible to everyone. Very few ingredients are out of  the ordinary, and it doesn’t take too much time or effort to put them together. Continue reading