Smoky white bean quesadillas

Smoky white bean quesadillas

The husband is a bit partial to a quesadilla so I thought I’d treat him to Anna Jones’ smoky white bean quesadillas. They’re super easy to make and the husband seemed rather pleased with his Mexican lunchtime treat.

Anna doesn’t specify what beans to use. Looking in the cupboard I had the choice of butter beans or haricot. I plumped for haricot, but in hindsight I think butter beans may have worked better because they’re a little flatter. The addition of ready-roasted peppers saved time faffing around with charring and peeling fresh ones meaning lunch was on the table in little over 20 minutes. My kind of recipe!!!

While they’re super easy to make I did have a little trouble flipping the filled tortillas in the pan. The filling slipped out and made a right mess. Not my finest moment. But, the husband didn’t mind the mess and scoffed it with a healthy dollop of the tomato and pepper salsa.

Smoky white bean quesadillas

The verdict from the husband: ‘They’re a bit messy, but taste great.’


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