Quorn lasagne

Quorn lasagne

It’s very rare that I only have to cook one meal for all three of us to sit down and eat at the same time. So, when the boy revealed that he liked lasagne, and knowing that he’s already a fan of my Quorn and hidden veg Bolognese sauce there was only ever one thing to make – Quorn lasagne. Ideally I’d be making a delicious lentil sauce, but that would be one step too far for the little man, so I chose this meat-free lasagne recipe from Quorn.

The recipe is a pretty straightforward Bolognese sauce, onion, garlic, mushrooms, Quorn etc, but with the addition of some red pesto. I did contemplate leaving this out, but decided for once to follow a recipe in its entirety – well almost. I omitted the mushrooms as the boy can sniff one out within a mile of it, and  forgot to buy fresh basil when I did the shopping, so that didn’t go in either.

I made it in advance and chucked it in the oven after a busy afternoon cycling around a lake with the boy. The end result, a rather tasty meal that all the family enjoyed – well almost….

The verdict from the boy: ‘Yuck, I don’t like lasagne.’ But with a little encouragement and the threat of no pudding he scoffed the lot!!!


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