Fudgy coconut brownies

Fudgy coconut brownies

In a bid to clear the cupboards of ingredients that I bought but used I stumbled across a lonely bag of dessicated coconut. From memory, it was supposed to be for some sort of curry recipe, but never made it into the pan. Searching the internet for an alternative plan for the coconut I came across this rather delicious looking recipe for fudgy coconut brownies.

Super speedy to make, it’s a simple case of melting butter, adding cocoa and sugar, followed by eggs, flour and coconut before popping in the oven.With 45 minutes cooking time to spare the boy and myself played a game of hospitals which involved me lying down while the ‘doctor’ bandaged my head and bossed me around.

Once I’d been given the OK by the ‘doctor’ and the brownies were cooked, we left them to cool before tucking in. Dense, moist and delicious, pretty much sums them up!

The verdict from the boy: ‘Nom, nom, nom…’ or the three-year-old equivalent as he shovelled the brownies in as if his life depended on it.


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