Tuna and beans

Tuna and beans

I stepped away from the pans and let the husband loose in the kitchen, and after this little effort, I think I might do it a bit more often.

The fish-eating vegetarian husband hates tinned tuna. He thinks it looks and smells like a tin of cat food. But, he’s a huge fan of the fresh stuff, and loves the occassional tuna steak, and so do I.

This Tuna with Red Onion, Tomato and Sweet Vinegar is from Moro East, one of handful of cookbooks from Sam and Sam Clark. I’ve never eaten at Moro, but I used to frequently walk past the Clerkenwell restaurant when I worked around that way, peering at what was on everyone’s plates. It always looked fantastic, so, not being able to afford to dine there, I bought the book instead. And I’m glad I did.

After many years of me attempting to ‘help’ when he’s creating, the husband has taken to banning me and my interfering ways from the kitchen while he’s in there, allowing me the honour of cleaning up the mess once he’s finished instead! After a bit if frantic chopping and crashing round, delicious smells started to come from the kitchen, fragrant oregano, sweet tomatoes and seared tuna – and within no time at all I was dished up with this little number. It’s a kind of tuna, sweet tomato and butterbean  stew, but not as heavy as a stew. Sam and Sam describe it as a kind of warm salad, but I’m not so sure about that description. You’ll have to decide for yourself, but it was bloomin’ delicious.

The husband served it with a couple of hunks of crusty bread, which not wanting to waste a scrap of the sauce, I used to mop up the tomato juices.

The verdict from the husband: ‘That was delicious…even if I do say so myself.’

The verdict from the cook (who was having a day off): ‘I think I should let you in the kitchen more often! That really was super tasty.’


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