Wahaca with the toddler

Build your own tacos

The toddler is still continuing to be über picky about food. I can deal with it at home. I’ve taken to stocking the freezer with toddler-sized portions of his favourite food. It’s going out for a meal that has become an issue. We don’t do it that often, but every now and again, the husband and I want a break from the kitchen.

More often than not, we end up at Pizza Express. The toddler tucks into their reasonably priced kids menu. He always picks the same thing – pasta and Bolognese – something he regularly orders at home!!! But a boy cannot live on Bolognese alone. I want him to try new things, even if it is because I’ve got bored with Pizza Express.

So, today we decided to go Mexican. The husband and I love a bit of Wahaca, and their kids’ menu included a ‘build your own taco‘ option. After explaining to the toddler that he’d get a plate with a taco, nachos, salsa, lettuce, cheese, guacamole and chicken with which he could make his own ‘sandwich’, he declared ‘I love chicken, it’s my favourite’ and seemed struck with the idea – result.

We ordered said ‘build your own taco’ and I whispered to the husband that despite the toddler’s enthusiasm, I wasn’t convinced he was going to eat anything. However, I was to be proved wrong. He placed cheese, chicken and lettuce into his taco, we helped him wrap it up and he ate it. I could have fallen off my seat with amazement, especially at the lettuce consumption. He ate lettuce. He’s never eaten lettuce.

He wasn’t too taken with the avocado and salsa, but you can’t win them all. And, as he’d been such a good boy we ordered a double helping of churros with chocolate dipping sauce. He quite liked those too!


It seems to be, that letting the toddler take control of his food – building his own sandwich and the like – helps him to be a bit of positive about trying new things. So, next week we’re planning on getting the pizza-hating toddler – who unexpectedly ate a slice at a friend’s birthday party recently – to make his own pizza. Watch this space.


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