Blueberry and yoghurt cake

Yoghurt and blueberry cake

The first time I discovered yoghurt cake was in a chalet, half way up a mountain in France on a skiing holiday. It’s something to do with the yoghurt acting as a stabliser when cooking at altitude. But enough of that, I happened across this particular recipe for bluberry and yoghurt – cake courtesy of – by chance (it’s Katie’s take on a recipe by Ruby Tandoh (her off The Great British Bake Off), and thought I’d give it a go.

It’s really simple to make and the toddler helped me with mixing the yoghurt and other wet ingredients, and then helped to fold in the dry ingredients and the blueberries. I didn’t have the correct amount of blueberries as the toddler had eaten some of them the day before, but it seemed to turn out well.

As the cake is more batter-like than traditional cake recipes, it takes a whopping 55 minutes to cook, but that meant we had plenty of time to play firemen while it baked. But it’s worth the wait as it’s super light and pretty tasty too.

The toddler ate it for dessert with a spoonful of ice-cream. When i say ate it, what I actually mean is, he ate the ice-cream…

Yoghurt and blueberry cake

The verdict from the toddler: ‘I don’t like it. It’s not chocolatey…’ Er, that’s probably due to the fact that there wasn’t any chocolate in the ingredients, as he well knows. We’ll see if he feels the same way about it tomorrow…


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