Chocolate Easter cakes

Easter nest cakes

This week it was all about Easter, so, we made some chocolate cornflake nests. There was a lot of chocolate consumed, a lot of mess, and a lot of chocolate induced craziness. But, I love ‘cooking’ with my little man, and he seems to like being in the kitchen too – if only to eat chocolate!

We used this Easter egg cake recipe from BBC Food, but it’s pretty much the same as any chocolate crispy cake recipe you’ll find on the internet.

The toddler helped with the mixing, got side-tracked by eating eggs rather than spooning the mixture into the cake/improvised cake cases and had to be taken out for a scoot while the cakes set in the fridge. He seemed pretty pleased with the result though.

The verdict from the toddler: Pictures speak a thousand words, or something like that….he loved them, especially the eggs.

Easter nest cakes


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