Cashew fried rice

Cashew fried rice

Alice Hart’s book Vegetarian has a handy section of ‘fast’ meals, and it happens to be the most thumbed section in my copy of the book. A favourite ‘fast’ recipe of the husband and I is Alice’s cashew fried rice. It’s quick, filling and pretty tasty too. Continue reading


Vegetarian mango and cranberry jelly

Jelly and ice cream

The toddler’s been badgering me to make him some jelly for weeks, and seeing as this is a blog about me making things, I thought it would be a bit of a cheat to buy a packet mix, so decided to make it from scratch – kind of.

The husband’s a fish-eating vegetarian, otherwise known as a pescatarian, so proper gelatine was out of the question. Instead I bought myself some of Dr Oetker’s vege-gel. Continue reading

Butternut squash and spinach rotolo

Roasted squash, spinach and feta cheese rotolo

This roasted squash, spinach and feta cheese rotolo recipe comes courtesy of Save With Jamie, Jamie Oliver’s book of money-saving meals. Roloto, means rolled in Italian, and this dish involves rolling squash, spinach and feta cheese in pasta sheets. You then cut the rolls in half, stand them up in a dish of a tasty tomato sauce so their tops are poking out and then pop them in the oven to bake for 35-40 minutes. Continue reading