Mushroom stoup

Mushroom stoup

Aesthetically, this isn’t one of my more glamorous looking plates of food, but it tastes alright, and that’s what matters.

Thicker than a soup but thinner than a stew, this vegetable laden, one-pot wonder is Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s mushroom stoup.  It’s reasonably quick and easy, rather tasty and 100% comforting. Just what the doctor ordered as we’re all coming down with colds.

I ad-libbed a bit with the recipe, swapping an onion for a leek I found feeling sorry for itself at the back of the fridge, and having forgotten to buy porcini mushrooms and not feeling like trekking to the supermarket, I pretended I hadn’t seen them in the recipe and carried on regardless.

After a bit of chopping, frying, simmering and a rather hap-hazard attempt at veggie dumplings the stoup was ready.

I didn’t bother asking the toddler if he wanted to try some – he’d probably have  thrown it at me, due to the terrible two-year old strop he’s permanently in at the moment. But the husband seemed to enjoy it and tucked in with gusto.

Verdict from the cook: ‘Not bad, but I kept thinking that it seemed to be lacking something – then I remembered I’d been too lazy to go to the shop and buy the porcini mushrooms, which probably would have taken the stoup to another level.’


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