Afghan biscuits

Afghan biscuits
Whilst pregnant with the toddler, the husband and I travelled across the world to visit lovely friends in New Zealand. They introduced me to Afghan biscuits. We became great friends too – I ate a lot of them. Thinking of said lovely friends today, I decided to reignite my relationship with Afghan biscuits and introduce the toddler to them too.

They’re pretty easy to make; cream butter and sugar, add flour and cocoa powder, mix in crushed Cornflakes and pop them in the oven. Once they’re cooked, make a simple icing of icing sugar, water, and cocoa, ice the biscuits, top with a walnut and eat.

As to why they’re called Afghan biscuits, no one really knows. Whatever the reason, they’re pretty tasty and I have fallen back in love with them. The toddler was quite impressed too.

Verdict from the toddler: ‘Yummy’, while he wiped¬†chocolate covered hands down his trousers and the sofa!


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