Tana Ramsay’s lemon drizzle cake

Lemon drizzle cake

The husband and the toddler love lemon drizzle cake. What’s not to love, eh? It’s packed with a tonne of sugar (well 225g) which is cunningly offset by the punchy zest and juice of a couple of lemons, making you think that this über moist bake isn’t as naughty as it actually is. And Tana Ramsay’s lemon drizzle cake is a corker.

It’s super easy to make, even with the toddler is helping with the mixing. When I say helping, that’s probably a slight exaggeration. A lot of the mixture went up the walls when he got a bit gung ho with the electric hand mixer. He seems to love using it on the fastest setting. After a swift mix and quick wipe of the walls, the cake was popped in the oven in next to no time.

While Tana’s recipe says the it takes 45-50 minutes to bake, mine took closer to an hour – I’m thinking my guess at gas mark 4 wasn’t too accurate. Despite the longer cooking time it actually came out looking rather good and my little helper was suitably impressed. But with everything you cook, the proof was in the eating.

Verdict from the toddler: ‘Mmm, mmmmmmmm,’ in between rapid bites of a slice of the lemony bake.


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