Spaghetti with rocket and prawns

Prawn and rocket pasta

Jamie Oliver’s spaghetti with rocket and prawns (or spaghetti con gamberetti e rucola if you’re a contestant on Come Dine With Me and attempting to confuse the opposition) is fresh, spicy and super quick to throw together.

It’s from Jamie’s Italy, one of a many Jamie Oliver books in my collection. While the recipe is easy to make and perfectly tasty if followed to the nth degree, I free-style ever so slightly, adding chopped sun-dried tomatoes to the dish rather than blitzing them into a paste; using run of the mill tomato puree to make the sauce; and I don’t always have a handy of wine hanging around so I skip that bit altoether. Aside from that, it’s Jamie’s recipe all the way, and a tasty dinner was on the table within 25 minutes.

The verdict from the husband: ‘Mmmm, thanks.’


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