Butternut squash and spinach rotolo

Roasted squash, spinach and feta cheese rotolo

This roasted squash, spinach and feta cheese rotolo recipe comes courtesy of Save With Jamie, Jamie Oliver’s book of money-saving meals. Roloto, means rolled in Italian, and this dish involves rolling squash, spinach and feta cheese in pasta sheets. You then cut the rolls in half, stand them up in a dish of a tasty tomato sauce so their tops are poking out and then pop them in the oven to bake for 35-40 minutes.

It sounds like a bit of a faff, and to be honest it is. The most time consuming jobs being the roasting a squash whole in the oven (you could reduce the time by chopping up the squash) and the assembling the pasta rolls. But, if you can be bothered with all the roasting and rolling it’s worth it.

Once cooked the top of the pasta is golden and crispy, while the bottom is soft and squidgy (in a nice way) having been perched in the tomato sauce.

According to Jamie’s money-saving calculations it costs just £1.29 per portion. A bargain for such a tasty dish.

The verdict from the toddler: A resounding ‘no’.

The verdict from the cook: ‘It was a bit of a faff, but I’d cook it again, if I had a spare couple of hours…’


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