Nigel Slater’s lentil and spinach cottage pie

Lentil cottage pie ingredients

When I’m in a need of a comforting food hug I hunt out this recipe for Nigel Slater’s lentil and spinach cottage pie. Packed full of nutty lentils, vegetables and spinach, with a crispy potato and spinach top, it’s nutritious and delicious, with the added bonus that both the husband and the toddler LOVE it.

There’s loads of chopping involved, but it’s worth it for an even texture when the veg is combined with the lentils.

Including chopping time, I’d say the filling and potato topping take about 40 minutes to complete, and then there’s the 50 minute cooking time – so it’s not the quickest meal to make, but it’s one of the tastiest vegetarian alternatives to a meaty classic that I’ve cooked. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with me…

lentil and spinach cottage pie

The verdict from the toddler: ‘Yuck.’ And then he threw it on the floor. He’s not usually that direct with his food protests.


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