Toasted honey and pumpkin seed granola


Flicking through the pages of another of my favourite cookbooks, Vegetarian by Alice Hart, I  was inspired to make Alice’s toasted honey and pumpkin seed granola with yoghurt.

I usually start the day with a bowl of porridge – it’s the toddler’s favourite breakfast and I’m quite partial to it myself – however, with the mornings getting lighter and brighter I fancied a change.

Alice’s recipe is straightforward and packed full of seedy, oaty goodness. Having mixed what looked like a tonne of rolled oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, desiccated coconut, sunflower oil and runny honey together, the whole lot was spread out over two lined baking trays and popped in the oven at gas mark 2 for about 30 minutes until nicely toasted. (Alice advises you stir the mixture a couple of times to make sure it’s evenly browned.) And that’s it, done!

I tried it this morning with Greek yoghurt, strawberries, banana and an extra drizzle of honey. The toddler sniffed it and asked what it was, then went back to his enormous bowl of porridge.

The verdict from the cook: ‘It’s lovely, which is a good thing because I now appear to have about a kilo of the stuff.’


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