The Larder at Butler’s Retreat

Butler's Retreat

One of our favourite local lunchtime haunts is The Larder at Butler’s Retreat. It’s a lovely café located in a 19th Century barn that was refurbished a few years ago. They’ve got a reasonably-sized menu that’s packed with lip-smackingly good dishes and caters for most dietary needs. As it’s the husband’s birthday weekend (kind of) we thought we’d treat ourselves.

I went for my usual order of super toasty – an open toasted sandwich of sweet-cured bacon, Dijon mustard, sub-blush tomatoes and Emmental cheese. The husband ordered a houmous & falafel wrap stuffed full of houmous and falafel (obviously), olives, red onion, sun-blush tomatoes, fresh tomato and salad leaves and served with a side of spicy harissa. Oh, and we decided to share a bowl of potato wedges with garlic mayo.

Butler's Retreat

As for the toddler, he didn’t fancy anything on the menu and was already tucking into the emergency honey sandwich I brought from home as we ordered.

The verdict from the cook and the husband: ‘Delicious’.


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