Dairy-free risotto

springtime risotto

If a finalist on Masterchef declared they were about to attempt a dairy-free risotto, John and Gregg would probably be muttering something along the lines of: ‘Dairy-free risotto. Are they mad?’

Risotto appears to have been the nemesis of many a Masterchef contestant across the globe, but the husband seems to have mastered the art and got a bit huffy when I suggested that, I, instead of him, would attempt to cook Anna Jones’, butter and cheese free, Springtime wild garlic and lemon risotto. (I promise I’ll cook from a wider variety of books next week – it’s just Anna’s book is REALLY good.)

The recipe is a celebration of green, bursting with peas, broad beans, asparagus and a wild garlic/spinach puree (created by frying onions until softened, adding a ladle of veg stock, wilting some spinach and whizzing said mixture in a blender).

With the exception of no butter and cheese, the recipe is pretty much a bog standard risotto. While you’d assume that you’d miss these two key ingredients – cheese and butter – somehow, the inclusion of the puree makes the omission almost undetectable.

With the recipe predominantly made with one of the toddler’s favourite carbs – rice – I chanced my arm, albeit with the inclusion of a chicken goujon, and served him up the same meal as us.

The verdict from the toddler: One look and his conclusion was ‘yucky’. He wouldn’t touch it despite bribery of a slice of bread and some cucumber.

The verdict from the husband and the cook: ‘You really wouldn’t know there wasn’t any cheese in this.’


3 thoughts on “Dairy-free risotto

  1. Looks awesome! I make a vegan butternut squash risotto that is rich and savory! I’ll post about it soon on my blog! Keep up the good work!


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